Teen Leadership


 10th Grade or Higher

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In Emagination’s Teen Leadership Program, our Program Assistants (PAs) get an enhanced camp experience through dedicated workshops and activities

Emagination Tech Camp campers in Leadership Program



Emagination’s Program Assistants (PAs) have the opportunity to develop valuable life and leadership skills. The program is designed for PAs to be a valuable part of the camp community where they are accepted, celebrated, and encouraged to grow and give back.


PAs are returning campers entering 10th grade or higher after camp. This invitation only, multiyear program is a rite of passage and a final step for many campers who have grown up at Emagination. Invitations are sent out every fall for the upcoming summer. PAs must be able to attend two overnight sessions.



The PA workshop provides campers a chance to get even more from Emagination by developing life and leadership skills. The curriculum is designed to provide PAs with the tools to help set them on the path to success as they venture into young-adulthood. Time management, budgeting, collaboration and cooperation skills are gained through hands on activities. By presenting in front of campers, other PAs, and camp leadership staff, PAs improve communication skills, build self-confidence and give and receive constructive criticism.

First Year PAs


Along with the PA Workshop, first year PAs enroll in two tech courses and one recreation elective during the first session and have the option to be a teaching assistant in a course of their choice during the second session.

Senior PAs


Second and third year PAs serve as project leaders and set the example for campers and first year PA’s. Their four-period day consists of two tech courses, a period as a teaching assistant, and alternating Senior PA workshop and a recreation period.



Our goal is for PAs to grow in respect, responsibility and self-confidence. They have responsibilities to the camp community — assisting at login/logout, creating end-of-session slideshows, running recreation events and much more. They are role models for our younger campers and are assigned to camper groups to assist counselors throughout the sessions. PAs assist staff in delivering workshops and program activities and provide critical feedback that helps Emagination continue to improve and grow.

A group of Emagination Tech Camp Teen Leadership Program participants
Emaingtion Tech Camp Teen Leadership Program participant smiling
Emagintion Tech Camp Teen Leadership Program participant helping other campers



As enjoy a dedicated PA Lounge where they can hang out, and the latest bed times. These are just a couple of the perks. Our PAs tell us that the best part of the program is the sense of family and community they have with their fellow PAs. We also consistently hear that they enjoy giving back to the Emagination community that means so much to them.


PAs who successfully complete the program are eligible for a recommendation letter from Emagination’s Executive Director and can earn up to 60 community service hours, depending on their school’s requirements.