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Learn the Skills of Today’s Game Design Professionals

At Emagination’s Game Design Academy, learn the technical and creative skills used by game studio developers. We put the industry’s best tools in your hands — Maya © and 3ds Max © from Autodesk, Photoshop © from Adobe and the Unreal Development Kit powered by Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games

  • Create 3D characters, images and backgrounds
  • Learn design and function
  • Construct menus
  • Select or create music and sound effects
  • Learn programming
  • Program a secondary object with function and reaction variables
  • Program a primary object and add controls

Join a Development Team

Will you be a:

3D Animator
Take the lead in creating the game’s active objects—-characters, vehicles and weapons. Animators work with the game’s Programmer and Level Designer and create visual representations of the active elements agreed upon by their team.

Level Designer
Develop the game world environment. Create the background images, the lighting, the special effects and the color scheme for the menus and controls.

Audio Artist
Bring forth the emotive elements of the game through sound. Select the music and sound effects for the game’s scenarios and levels.

Story Writer
Take the lead in creating the storyline that is the foundation for game play. Write the dialogue for characters. Create the text for the introductory sequence, win/loss sequence, game play, rules and level transitions.

Contribute your ideas as the Development Team creates the concepts for all the art elements of the game. Then write the code that brings to life the graphical representations, sound and lighting elements and control functions.

Game Tester
Everyone’s a Game Tester! Test your team’s game and discover the bugs. Work out solutions before you present to the experts.

Build a Stand Alone 3D Video Game

It’s time to join a team and build your 3D game with the Unreal Development Kit. Use an industry standard Design Document and the same tools as todays developers. It’s intense and it’s fun!

  • Construct the Game World
  • Create 3D Characters
  • Select sound & music
  • Program the objects and controls
  • Create the menus

Learn from Guest Speakers

At Inside Gaming learn key elements of video game design as guest speakers from the industry, as well as Instructors, present their views and experiences. Is it the Storyline? Game World? Physics? Characters? Sounds? What compels you to play a game again?

Speakers and panel experts have included:
Rick Goodman – Creator of Age of Empires
Molly Proffitt – CEO Ker-Chunk Games
Sean McBride – Art Director at Hi-Rez
Ben Knapp – Character Artist at Hi-Rez
Jamie Gotch – Creator of Fieldrunners for the iPhone
Andrew Greenberg – Designer and founder of S.I.E.G.E
Ken Lightener – Coder at CCP (makers of E.V.E. Online)
Jason Bender – Lead Designer The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II
Craig Alexander – VP Product Development at Turbine
Ian Davis – Rockstar Games
and many others

Emagination Game Design Academy

Tour a Game Studio

We tour and meet with execs at a local game design studio. See the pros in action while you learn how video games are designed and created in the real world.

Tours have included:
Demiurge Studios – Developers of hit games including BioShock, Mass Effect & Borderlands
Turbine Studios – Makers of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online!
Hi-Rez Studios – Makers of Global Agenda as well as the upcoming remake of Tribes!
Blizzard Entertainment – Makers of Diablo III and World or Warcraft!
Blue Fang Games – Makers of the hugely popular Zoo Tycoon games and Oregon Trail for Facebook!
High Voltage Software – Independent Game Development Studio.
EA Games – Nuff Said.

Present Your Game to Industry Experts

Will people want to play your game? Development teams present their game to a panel of industry pros on the last day of the program:

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Emagination thanks the following video game development studios and industry experts for their support of Emagination Game Design through guest speaking, company tours and expert panelists:

Electronic Arts
Bizzard Entertainment
Demiurge Studios
Blue Fang Games
Hi-Rez Studios
Seven Studios
Blue Heat Games
8D World
Rock Star Games
Turbine Games