Have Questions?

Hopefully we can answer some of them here with our FAQ

What is the weekday schedule?

Instruction begins at 9:30 AM and runs through the end of Inside Gaming (guest speakers) at 8:00 PM. There will be breaks for lunch, dinner and recreation. Gaming and open labs run from 8:00 PM until around 11:00 PM.

May I attend two sessions?

Yes. If you attend two sessions you will have the opportunity to work individually during the first four days of the second session to mod the game created by your development team during the first session. You then join a development team to build another game. Your role(s) on the new team will depend on your interest and skill.

Are there any prerequisites for attending Emagination Game Design?

You must be 15 years old by the start of camp. There are no other specific prerequisites. The curriculum is designed for you to learn at your own pace.

Who are the Instructors?

Instructors are graduate and undergraduate students completing degrees in video game design, digital media arts or computer science at leading universities. There are seven students per Instructor on average. Instructors are the Lead Designers on the Development Team. Inside Gaming sessions include Instructors as well as top executives of video game studios.

What type of game can I create?

Using a design document that you and your team customize and finalize, you and your team will build a first person 3D video game.

What software will be used?

Unreal Development Kit powered by Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games, Adobe Photoshop and 3ds Max and Maya from Auto desk as well as a selection of console and pc video games.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, you live in a dorm room with a roommate. You may request to room with a friend so bring one along!

May I bring my own computer?

Emagination Game Design provides powerful workstations for each participant. However, you are welcome to bring your computer for your dorm room but it is not necessary and Emagination is not responsible if it is lost or stolen. Your dorm room will have internet access.

Still Have questions?

Email us at Camp@Emagination.com or call 877.248.0206.