Typical Day & Meals

Typical Day

A day at Emagination Tech Camps is like no other. More Tech and More Fun!

8:00 AM Powering On!
Start the day off right with a great breakfast and time to talk with camp friends.

8:45 AM System Check
All-camp meeting to get psyched for the day and give recognition awards.

9:00-Noon Put Your Processor to Work!
Two 90-minute workshops to thrill and challenge.

Noon Lunch and Refresh
All-you-want-to-eat lunch followed by unstructured free time for body and brain before afternoon courses.

1:00-4:00 PM Expand Your Memory!
Back to the labs for two more 90-minute workshops.

4:15 PM Stand-By Mode!
Day and Overnight campers enjoy gaming with friends, working on projects or hanging out in the dorms or outdoors. Seniors have free time to spend with friends in the Senior Lounge or outdoors.

5:30 PM Time to Re-Boot!
Campers and counselors come together for a hearty dinner. Talk with other campers and decide what to do during Evening Program!

6:00-8:30 PM I live for this!!
Evening Program — Outdoor field games, open computer labs, free dorm time, Magic the Gathering, LARPing, Dungeons & Dragons Club. This is summer camp and the choice is yours!

8:30 PM Logging Out!
Back to the dorms for small group meetings and free time with friends and counselors.

10:00 PM Shutting Down!
Bedtimes vary by age group. Rest-up for another exciting day of technology and fun.


Super Saturdays — Field Games, BBQ, LAN Party

Get ready for epic battles with campers and counselors. LAN Party at night. Day campers invited.

Lazy Sundays

Sleep late, have free time in the dorm or computer labs, do some laundry or burn off some energy out on the field. Want something more? Try Tech Olympics! Put your skills to the test in Photoshop, Programming, Minecraft challenges and more.

Saturdays Between Sessions

Multi-session campers take a trip off campus on the Saturday between sessions. Campers and counselors travel to an arcade for games and lunch followed by a movie.

Meals – Food Points Restored!

Emagination Tech Camps - Typical Day - MealsNutritious and delicious meals are provided in the campus dining halls. Campers enjoy an all-you-want-to-eat format to keep the brain and body in peak shape to explore and have fun. The choices are many—salad & pasta bars, burgers, fries, chicken, soups & sandwiches and don’t forget desserts! Vegetarian meals are also available and other special dietary restrictions and needs can often be accommodated. Tell us about your special dietary needs by email at camp@emagination.com or call 877.248.0206. We also have camp canteen for drinks and snacks at night.