Virtual & Augmented Reality

Course Description

Dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality — transformative technologies that are enhancing experiences in entertainment, science and medicine.

Learn to create digital elements for augmented reality using Unity. Then with Vuforia and Augment plugins add the elements to a live view on a camp provided Android smartphone. Create custom 3D virtual reality worlds and explore them using an Android mobile device and a VR Box headset.

Ages All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Software Unity, Google VR, Vuforia
Bring from Home Free Unity Account. Don’t have one? Get one Here!
Lab Fee $85 (Camper brings home Android phone and VR headset)

What will campers learn?

How to create an immersive 3D world
User Interface (UI) scripting
How to mix a pre-rendered scene with a real-life environment
How to implement interactive virtual objects
Cutting edge technology through hands-on exposure

What will campers create?

A 3D environment that can be explored through the use of a smartphone and VR Box headset, and an augmented scene with 3D assets. Campers view the model at camp and at home using an Android smartphone.