Level Design

Course Description

Explore level design for Anime RPG and Strategy games. Draft original level maps with increasing complexity.

Using RPG Maker, create heroes and villains with custom sprites. Learn to craft dungeons and set traps while discovering the importance of character, setting and story development in Anime RPG.

Using Warcraft 3, create multi-player Strategy games to play with friends. Build terrains, generate enemy strongholds and strengthen armies with special power-up items.

Ages All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Progressive Content
Course designed for campers to progress at their own pace with content that advances from basic to complex. May be taken multiple times.
Software Warcraft 3, RPG Maker

What will campers learn?

How to plan a basic strategy game
Game map editing
Character action and interaction
How to import sprites, tilesets, battle animations, and backgrounds
Simple game scripting
RPG design theory

What will campers create?

An Anime RPG and a Strategy Game