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A Balanced Program in Two-week Sessions

Emagination is summer camp for kids who love technology! Sessions are two-weeks long so campers have time to become part of a community and make lasting friendships. Many campers attend multiple sessions and return to Emagination Tech Camp year-after-year. Check out a Typical Day at Camp. View Tech Workshops.

Emagination Tech Camps

3 + 1 = Technically Fun!

Three technology plus one recreation workshop creates an experience like no other tech camp.

Emagination offers a choice of 25 STEM-based TECH WORKSHOPS in four categories. Customize your camper’s experience by mixing and matching workshops based on your camper’s unique interests. Want help selecting workshops? Give us a call. We are happy to assist.

At Emagination Tech Camps we believe that recreation plays an important role in the social, physical, and mental development of children. That’s why recreation activities are a core part of the camp program. At Emagination, campers will experience structured recreation activities as well as unstructured play time.

Discover and Explore Technology

Create Digital Art & Media

Campers with a flair for creativity learn to bring their creations to life. They use industry standard software programs and lots of imagination. Build Virtual Reality worlds or combine the digital and real worlds in Augmented Reality. Bring 3D Characters to life or 3D Print custom models. Campers often combine Web Design with YouTube Video Creation, Photoshop, or Digital Music to make amazing projects!

Learn to Code

Campers learn 21st century skills with curriculums that make learning to code fun! From beginner workshops like Scratch or Coding Basics with Python to advanced options like Java & C++ or Android App Development – there’s something for everyone!

Explore Engineering

Some kids just need to tinker! Campers who love hands-on learning can build a Robot, an RC Car a Raspberry Pi mini-computer or learn about Circuitry and build their very own light saber! Minecraft Engineering and CAD focus on how electronics work and creating virtual projects.

Design Video Games

Instead of spending the summer playing video games, campers learn to make them! From the most popular – Action, Strategy and Minecraft – to the unique – Puzzle, Anime RPG and Unreal – there’s an option for everyone. New this summer, Game Design Elements is a great foundation for video game designers!

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Get Unplugged

Retro Games

Outdoor field games such as Ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball and capture the flag are paired with innovative custom games to get campers outside and active. Outdoor field games are balanced with the option of lower-energy activities that help develop social skills outside of computer labs.
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Campers engage in improvisational exercises and fun theater games that help improve confidence and charisma in front of an audience. Offered in Connecticut and Massachusett.
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Free Swim

Nothing says summer more than swimming! Offered as part of Retro Games in Georgia and Illinois and as a separate workshop in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
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Check out a Typical Day at Tech Camp

Girls Succeed at Emagination

Emagination Tech Camps - Girls NightGirls may be outnumbered in tech fields today, but Emagination is working to empower our girls to be strong, confident and just as tech-savvy as our boys. We welcome girls to Tech Camp where they build their tech skills and meet other “Girls Like Me”. We are proud that about half of our counselors are female and women are in many of our leadership roles as well.

Girls Night at Camp

During every camp session there is a special night for girls only. Female staff and campers (Day campers too!) get together for activities and fun.

Emagination is a Great Place for Girls Because…

Emagination Grows with Campers

Emagination offers fun and engaging Tech Workshops for all ability levels. And as technology evolves — so do we! Every year new workshops are added and more advanced workshops are available so campers may return summer-after-summer to get a head start on building 21st century skills.

In addition to academic enrichment, Emagination’s program is designed to encourage social development and increased self-confidence through interactions with a staff of young adults who share a passion for technology and interactions with fellow campers in organized non-tech activities.

As campers return for multiple summers they progress from Ultimate Camper to Senior Camper. The last step, and rite of passage for many, is joining Emagination’s Teen Leadership program.

Ultimate Campers (7th grade or below before camp)

Ultimate Campers are the biggest group at camp and we make sure that they connect with kids their own age. There are Tech Workshops that are well-suited for our youngest campers, and increasingly challenging workshops for campers as they grow. Emagination staff provide guidance and support, play games, chat about interests and help to navigate challenges.

Senior Campers (8th grade or higher before camp)

Senior Campers of all skill levels get a leg up in leading-edge Tech Workshops. They also enjoy the perks of being a Senior at Emagination including more independence, free time and special activities. They hang with new friends in the Senior Lounge and take in a movie on Senior Movie Night.

Teen Leadership Program

Returning Senior Campers may be invited to become Program Assistants. PAs upgrade their camp experience in workshops covering leadership and life skills. PAs have responsibilities at camp and play an important role in delivering Emaginations’s program. Learn how our Teen Leadership Program helps you get the most out of tech camp.

Traditional Summer Camp Activities

From camper groups and daily recreation to Evening Program and Super Saturday, our campers participate in activities which go beyond the classroom to encourage social interactions, participation, and fun!

Evening Program

For our Overnight and Full Day Campers, the fun continues each evening. Campers have choices including open labs, field games, free Dorm Time, talent show, and more! Campers consistently tell us that Evening Program is their favorite part of Emagination Tech Camp.

Super Saturday

Day campers are invited to join Overnight campers for a day and night of fun activities that bring new friends together. Teams of campers and counselors play outdoor games, participate in gaming tournaments, and enjoy a BBQ. A movie night and LAN Party for Senior Campers complete this day of fun!

Lazy Sunday

Introducing Tech Olympics! Overnight campers put their skills to the test in Photoshop, Programming, Minecraft challenges and more.

It’s Worth the Trip

Emagination’s beautiful campuses draw kids & teens from nearby communities, all over America and around the world. It’s Worth the Trip!

We Help with Transportation

Emagination staff pick up and drop off overnight campers at airports, railroad stations and bus terminals. There is a $40 charge each way.

For Day campers in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania we transport to/from selected commuter train stations.

At all locations we help parents coordinate car pools.

Transportation Assistance