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A Balanced Tech Camp Experience

It’s summer camp for kids who love technology! For over 35 years Emagination has delivered excellence in technology education Plus an awesome summer camp experience.

Two-week Sessions – Weekend Included

Campers take multiple tech courses plus there’s time to become part of a community and make lasting friendships.

Overnight tuition includes the weekend and a day of games and activities on Saturday — Day campers invited!

Customize the Camp Experience

  • We offer courses for every age and skill level.
  • All Tech Courses are offered at all camp locations.
  • Select three Tech Courses and one Recreational Activity for each two-week session.
  • Want more Tech learning? We also offer an All Tech option comprised of four Tech Courses. Add $95 in tuition for the All Tech path.

Tech & RecMost popular camp experience All TechTech-only camp experienceAdd $95 Tuition
Tech Courses (22 choices) Choose Three
Choose Four
Recreation Activity (4 choices) Choose One None

  • Recreational Activities – campers have a blast getting unplugged in a variety of organized fun activities.
  • Each Tech Course meets for 1 ½ hours between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. From Noon to 1:00 PM campers enjoy lunch and unstructured free time


Create Digital Art & Media

3D Modeling & Printing, VR & AR, Photoshop, 3D Animated Shorts

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Learn To Code

Java, AI & Machine Learning, Scratch, Python, C#

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Explore Engineering

Cybersecurity & Cryptography, RC Cars, Robotics, Build Piper Micro-PC

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Design Games

Anime RPG & Strategy, Multi-Player, Battle Royale, Action, Minecraft

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Get Unplugged

Swimming, Field Games, Indoor Games, Dungeons & Dragons

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“My son wanted to be in front of the computer all summer. I wanted him to socialize and experience the outdoors. We found Emagination and I could not be more impressed with your staff, your activities, your communication, your overall experience. We absolutely LOVE Emagination!”
Judy – Fairfield, CT

The Emagination Difference

More Time at Summer Tech Camp

Although kids and teens are first drawn to Emagination for the technology learning, they return year after year for the technology plus community, a sense of belonging, fun and friendships –– an experience you just can’t get from weeklong tech camps.

In Person Technology Courses

Teaching in Person – No Online Tutorials

We offer a huge selection of technology courses that are taught using professionally developed curriculums delivered person-to-person by qualified instructors — not by online tutorials.

All Tech Courses are offered at all locations.

Campers take at least two tech courses per two-week session. Maximum 10 campers per course.

Our technology instructors are young adults studying computer science, engineering, game design and digital arts in college or graduate school. They are experienced with the latest software, are taught teaching skills in person before camp begins. They are older versions of our campers and they make learning fun.

Peace of Mind – Switching Courses

At Emagination campers may switch courses up to the end of the first day of camp, subject to availability.

Get Unplugged — It’s Summer Camp!

When not in the classroom, campers have a blast in a variety of organized recreation and social activities of their choosing. Swimming, field games, indoor games, Dungeons & Dragons Club, gaming at night, Larping and much more. Getting Unplugged at Emagination delivers the benefits of summer camp — time for games, exploration, fun and friendships.

Overnight Camp

The fun begins with drop off on Sunday and ends on Friday afternoon two weeks later. On weekdays, Overnight campers have free dorm time from 4:15 to 5:30 to relax and unwind before dinner and Evening Program where campers choose from a variety of fun activities.

Multi-session overnight campers take an off campus trip on the weekend between sessions.

Overnight campers and all staff live in air-conditioned residence halls with lounges. Campers are paired with a roommate by age and gender.

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Overnight Camp Transportation

Overnight campers come to Emagination from nearby communities, across America and foreign countries. We offer transportation assistance to those travelling by plane, train or bus. There is a $40 charge each way. Learn More

Day Camp

Three options offer parents maximum flexibility for meals and daily drop off and pick up times.

2020 Tech Camp – Day Camp Hours & Meals
Drop Off Pickup Meals
Day 8:30 – 8:45 am 4:30 – 5:30 pm L
Extended Day 8:00 – 8:30 am 6:00 – 6:15 pm L, D
Full Day 7:30 – 8:00 am 7:30 – 7:45 pm B, L, D

Day camp begins with morning drop off. From 4:15 until pickup, Day campers work on their projects, play video games, play outside or just hang with new camp friends. Extended and Full Day campers stay for dinner and Full Day campers participate in part of Evening Program that includes a variety of fun activity choices.

Day campers have fun dressing up for Theme Day and are invited to Super Saturday and the end of camp Talent Show. Girls are invited to stay for Girls Night.

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Day Camp Transportation

Emagination Offers Transportation Assistance to Day Camp Families who wish to carpool. In Connecticut, Illinois and Pennsylvania we transport to/from nearby commuter train stations. Learn More

Summer Camp Activities

We go beyond the classroom to encourage social interaction, participation and fun!

Camper Groups

Each day starts with an all camp meeting for announcements, group games and recognition awards.

Unstructured Play Time

During lunch hour campers have time play however they want – create a game, rest under a tree, catch up with friends.

Super Saturday

Day campers invited! Teams of campers and counselors play outdoor games, participate in gaming tournaments, and enjoy a BBQ. A movie night and LAN Party for Senior Campers complete this day of fun!

Theme Day

Campers dress up as their favorite video game, fantasy or sci-fi character for Character Con.

Evening Talent Show

Day campers invited! On the last evening of camp, campers and counselors perform skits and share talents with new friends and the entire camp community.

Evening Program

For Overnight and Full Day Campers – so many choices! Open Labs, field games, indoor games, Larping, Free Dorm Time and more.

Girls Succeed at Emagination

Girls may be outnumbered in tech fields today, but Emagination is working to empower our girls to be strong, confident and just as tech-savvy as our boys. We welcome girls to Tech Camp where they build their tech skills and make friends with like-minded girls.

Emagination Tech Camps - Girls NightWe are very proud that about half our summer staff are female, including camp leadership.

Girls Night at Camp

During every camp session there is a special night for girls only. Female staff and campers (Day campers too!) get together for activities and fun.

Emagination is a Great Place for Girls Because…

Campers Grow with Emagination

As campers return for multiple summers they progress from Ultimate Camper to Senior Camper. The last step, and rite of passage for many, is joining Emagination’s Teen Leadership program.

Ultimate Campers (7th grade or below before camp)

Ultimate Campers are the biggest group at camp. There are courses well-suited for our youngest campers, and increasingly challenging courses for campers as they grow.

Senior Campers (8th grade or higher before camp)

Senior Campers enjoy perks including more independence, free time and special activities. They hang with new friends in the Senior Lounge and take in a movie on Senior Movie Night.

Teen Leadership Program

Returning Senior Campers may be invited to become Program Assistants. PAs upgrade the camp experience in courses covering leadership and life skills and they have responsibilities at camp. Learn More