Summer Camp Jobs

Emagination Tech Camp counselors hanging out together



Make your summer matter by joining a team that educates, entertains and helps develop healthy kids! Summer jobs at Emagination Tech Camps are challenging, but have incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Positions for summer jobs at Emagination Tech Camps include camp counselors, leadership staff, information technology staff, and healthcare staff.


Check out this video about working at Emagination this summer.



At Emagination, you will mentor the next generation of video game enthusiasts, digital artists, programmers and engineers. You will make new friends and experience personal growth — all while sharing your passion and making a positive impact on kids and teens.


In addition to solidifying your current skillset, Emagination provides hands on opportunities for developing soft skills such as communication, coaching, empathy, problem solving and adaptability. With benefits that go far beyond a paycheck, a summer at Emagination is truly an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!


Earn a weekly salary plus free housing and meals. Spend the summer near Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta or New York City and explore a new city during your time off. Get high quality training in teaching, team building, child behavior and time management, and add impressive credentials to your resume. And – you might even qualify to earn college credit for a paid internship.

Emagination Tech Camp Staff


To do well on our team, you need to have a desire to teach and care for kids, a passion for a technology-centered program (whether you have tech skills or not), a positive attitude, patience, enthusiasm, flexibility, and a willingness to work hard.

Summer Jobs at Emagination Tech Camps will challenge you. Expect long hours and hard work with great rewards as you see the impact you have on the children you are teaching and leading.

Campers rely on staff for everything – guidance, support, accountability, empathy, and fun – so we work together to provide a camp experience like no other. Emagination is a place where campers are accepted for who they are and encouraged to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.


Pre-camp Communications

We communicate A LOT before camp starts, so we expect you to pay attention to your email and our staff groups on social media.

Our Curriculums Plus Your Tech Skills

We provide you professional curriculums that you use in teaching courses. You bring your tech skills and knowledge of the software.

Pre-camp Training

We train you in person at camp during the week before campers arrive. Topics include: how to teach kids and manage a classroom, the daily schedule, behavior management, safety and emergency procedures.You will also have time to practice your curriculums.

Ongoing support

An Emagination corporate team member will be part of pre-camp training and our entire corporate staff is dedicated to supporting our camps. Each camp location has an experienced leadership team that will help you succeed. Training doesn’t stop when the campers arrive – we continue to help you develop all through the summer.

Experienced Team Members

Many of our leadership staff return year after year and we quite often have counselors that have gone through our program as campers and teen leaders. We have been doing this since 1982 and are dedicated to improving every single summer. Rest assured, we will answer all of your questions and do our best to make sure you have an awesome summer so that you can make sure our campers do the same!


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