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Day & Overnight Options for Ages 13 to 17. Campus locations in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts & Pennsylvania


At Emagination Coding Camp teens ages 13 to 17 learn to code using Java. According to Stack Overflow's 2021 Developer Survey, Java came up among the top 3 among site users. This popular programming language was developed by Oracle for web applications and platforms, with the flexibility to run on any machine, regardless of architecture or platform. The company estimates that more than 1 BILLION computers and 3 BILLION mobile devices use Java worldwide.


Our immersive, 2-week program gives campers the fundamentals of Java code and programming for building a variety of Windows applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client server applications, and so much more. The future is waiting...

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Our progressive curriculum allows campers to build experience and confidence before moving onto increasingly complex concepts. Campers with prior coding experience expand and sharpen their Java coding skills while developing applications. 

This style of learning allows campers to celebrate small wins and fully absorb the material stress-free. 



The Emagination's Coding Camp program is designed with a team-based approach so campers can build their coding skills while learning to collaborate on real-world projects. Project cooperation results in strengthening camper bonds, as well as individual responsibility, patience, empathy, and time management. 



For teenagers looking to further their technology education, Emagination Coding Camps offer the perfect opportunity to develop real-world programming skills using Java. This dynamic and popular language gives beginning or advanced campers the ability to create quick applications that can be used for a number of web applications.


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At Emagination, we believe in building healthy bodies as well as minds. Organized games and activities like dodgeball, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee and relay races balance each day in a classroom. Overnight campers enjoy evening programs with time for video games and free time to hang out with new camp friends. 

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Want to learn to code, but not yet 13 years old?


Check out Emagination Tech Camps for exciting coding workshops for campers ages 8 to 17. You'll love the coding and hand-on activities for subjects like Scratch, Python, Java, C++, and a whole lot more!

What is Teen Coding?

Like many skills, the earlier in life you learn how to code, the more naturally it will come to you. Our coding camp is designed for teenagers ages 13-17 and does not require any prior coding knowledge or experience. During this two-week program, students will learn the fundamentals of how to code using Java – one of the most commonly used and versatile programming languages in existence. 

From website development to programming robots, knowing how to code in Java creates a broad range of capabilities. For one, coding is an enjoyable hobby that provides teenagers with a creative outlet. Of course, becoming a talented coder also opens up a wide range of high-paying and high-demand career opportunities. Starting coding education as a teen can increase the likelihood of one day attaining one of these lucrative careers. 

Finally, knowing the fundamentals of how to code is a skill that can come in useful no matter what career a person chooses and is also certain to improve a teenager's analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Why Attend a Coding Camp?

A coding summer camp by itself likely won't be enough to prepare someone for a career in programming and software development. However, what your child will learn during our program will give them a valuable head start on their educational path and provide them with basic coding knowledge they can apply to their future.

As an added bonus, our coding camp  is a lot of fun! At Emagination Tech Camp’s Coding Camp, we pride ourselves on making our instructional courses as engaging and entertaining as possible, leveraging gamification and good old-fashioned competition to ensure that everyone has an experience that is as fun and memorable as it is informative.

With a teen coding camp in Atlanta and a teen coding camp near Philadelphia, Emagination welcomes students who are eager to expand their coding skills and have a great time in the process. We have camps in Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


Is Coding a Good Career?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers earn an annual salary of about $110,140, and demand for software developers is expected to grow 22% through 2030. When you consider the fact that the average BLS job outlook for all other careers falls in the range of 5% to 8%, the job outlook for software developers is all the more astounding.

Today, every aspect of our modern world is driven by computers and lines of code. While coding and software development has certainly become more popular over the years, the number of talented developers in the workforce today is still not enough to keep up with demand, leading to enormous salaries for experienced developers that are only likely to grow as demand increases. This makes coding for teens a pastime that can serve as a valuable first step toward some of the best careers in the world today.

To learn more about our summer coding camp for teens, contact Emagination Tech Camps at 877.248.0260 today!

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