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We know families need camp more than ever. At Emagination Tech Camps we are devoted to ensuring each of our programs offer a healthy and safe environment for our campers and staff.

Each of our Campus Locations has specific restrictions and requirements according to state and local guidelines. Because Covid provisions are subject to frequent changes, we will be in regular contact with registrants up until the first day of camp.

Our camp locations in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia operate under requirements and mandates specific to their location for Covid-19 preparedness and safety. As state and local guidelines on social distancing, group size limits, and youth activities change, Emagination Tech Camp’s policies and procedures may change accordingly. Look for emailed camp updates regarding campus-specific requirements.

Our health and safety policies in 2021 including COVID testing, mask wearing, and more, allowed us to provide the safest environment for campers to learn and grow. We are proud to share with you that we had zero COVID cases or transmission last summer and you can expect the same level of diligence for 2022.

Thorough Communication

As we approach the summer season, our preparations continue to evolve in order to meet the latest regulations and guidelines. We are unable to anticipate the full local and nationwide requirements for the upcoming season. We ask that parents, campers and staff stay engaged and connected with Emagination via email where we will keep you abreast of any last-minute changes. We strive to deliver thoughtful, thorough communications, so our community stays informed and prepared.

Working with Experts
We continue to monitor camp-specific guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), along with state and local health departments, host campuses, and the American Camp Association (ACA). We will continue to stay current on safety guidelines, and will adjust as needed to best serve the health and safety of all campers and staff.

A Healthy Camp Begins At Home
Campers and staff will be required to complete a health history form and pre-camp health screening. Parents of Day or Overnight campers are required to take their child’s temperature at home and look for related flu symptoms before getting ready to leave for camp. This task must be carried out each morning for Day campers. Campers and staff who exhibit a fever or flu-like symptoms, or have been exposed to Covid-19 within 14 days prior to camp session start will not be allowed on campus.

Wellness Checks
Temperature and symptom checks of staff and overnight campers will be done at check-in and as required based on current guidelines. A staff member will perform daily temperature checks on each camper prior to attending

morning activities. Overnight campers who show signs of a fever and/or flu symptoms will be quarantined until a parent or guardian takes them home. Likewise, Day campers who show signs of a fever or related symptoms will be asked to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test as recommended by the CDC prior to returning to camp sessions.

Prioritizing Sanitization & Hand Washing
Each camper is required to bring their own hand sanitizer to keep on their person.  Additional sanitizer will be provided by camp and/or the host campus.  Throughout the day, campers and staff will be required to frequently wash hands and use a hand sanitizer.  All equipment and frequently touched surfaces (e.g. desks, door handles, sick handles) will be sanitized after each course period and open lab session.  We will be working closely with our host campuses to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Face Coverings
Our 2021 policies included mask wearing for all campers and staff during camp and while on the camp premises. 2022 Health and Safety polices will be in accordance with the current CDC guidelines on mask wearing. Parents must provide face coverings for their child if applicable.

Program Changes
We want this summer to be a safe, fun and rewarding experience for our campers. Some COVID protocols will develop as we move closer to summer, and will be communicated to registered camper families via the Parent Manuals and email.

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Contact Us if you have specific questions regarding camp Safety & Healthcare.