COVID Safety



We know families need camp more than ever this summer and at Emagination Tech Camps we are devoted to ensuring each of our programs offer a healthy and safe environment for our campers and staff.


Our camps in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania will each be operating under requirements and mandates specific to their location as it pertains to Covid-19 preparedness and safety.

As state and local guidelines on social distancing, gathering size limits and youth activities change, Emagination’s policies and procedures listed below may change accordingly. As camp approaches, we will provide updated details regarding specific requirements pertaining to your camp.


Thorough Communication
Camp preparations will be an evolving process with regulations and guidelines changing as we progress toward summer. Some questions we are just not able to fully answer right now. Some things need a “wait and see” approach and potentially last-minute changes. Communications will be thoughtful and thorough as we strive to keep our community well-informed and highly prepared.

Working with Experts
We will be monitoring camp specific guidelines from the CDC , state and local health departments, host campuses and the American Camp Association. We will continue to gather the most up to date information and adjust as needed to best serve our campers.

A Healthy Camp Begins At Home
Campers and staff will be required to complete a health history form and pre-camp health screening. Parents are required to take their camper’s temperature at home before departing for camp and observe their campers for any other symptoms (daily for day campers).  Campers and/or staff exhibiting any symptoms or those who have been exposed in the 14 days prior to the start of the camp session will not be permitted on campus.

Wellness Checks
Temperature and symptom checks of staff and overnight campers will be done at check-in and as required based on current guidelines.   A staff member will perform a temperature check on each day camper daily upon arrival at camp.  Any overnight camper with a fever or other symptoms will be quarantined until their parents arrive to take them home.   Day camper’s with a fever or other symptoms will be asked to provide evidence of a negative test and/or quarantine as recommended by the CDC.

Prioritizing Sanitization & Handwashing
Each camper is required to bring their own hand sanitizer to keep on their person.  Additional sanitizer will be provided by camp and/or the host campus.  Throughout the day, campers and staff will be required to frequently wash hands and use a hand sanitizer.  All equipment and frequently touched surfaces (e.g. desks, door handles, sick handles) will be sanitized after each course period and open lab session.  We will be working closely with our host campuses to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Face Coverings
Campers, staff and camp family members will be asked to wear a mask during camp and while on the camp premises, in accordance with the current CDC guidelines on mask wearing.


Parents must provide face coverings for their child if applicable.

Program Changes
We want this summer to be a safe, fun and rewarding experience for our campers. Some program changes we know now, others will develop as we move closer to summer. So much has changed for our campers in the past year and while adjustments to our program are necessary, our goal is for camp to feel the same.

For returning families, you will see a change to the daily structure of our two-week Tech Camp with two periods per day instead of four. This reduces the intermingling of camper groups and allows for even more tech course than past seasons – 4 Tech Courses instead of 3 with no change to the amount of daily recreation!

Learn More About Day Camp or Overnight Camp Daily Schedules.