World Design

Tech Camp Course


Unleash creativity and develop independence and self-direction in a sandbox environment. Work together with fellow campers in a shared world to acquire resources, maintain health and hunger, and achieve goals of creating, destroying, and adventuring through challenges that are created by counselors.

Camp counselors teaching Minecraft World Design at Emagination Tech Camp

Course Specs





Skill Level


Bring from Home

Summer Tech Camp

Virtual Tech Courses


11 - 17


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Recommended 32GB Flash Drive

What will campers learn?

  • Teamwork skills

  • How to manage and budget resources

What will campers create?

  • A custom house

  • A community base built with fellow campers

  • A custom Minecraft world

Virtual Tech Course Requirements
A fast internet connection, computer, webcam, and microphone are required to participate. Please note, a Chromebook or Netbook like device will not be sufficient.

Recommended Computer Specs: Intel Core I5 6th Gen processor | 8GB RAM | Dedicated Video Card (4GB) | 40GB Hard Drive Space | Windows 10 (Ver. 1903) or MacOS (High Sierra)