Graphic Design
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Learn graphic design principles and concepts by creating and editing images. Explore layers, filters, color theory, and other graphic design techniques. Progressive content allows campers to go at their own pace and explore more advanced graphic design concepts.

Emagination Tech Counselor teaching graphic design

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Progressive Content

Summer Tech Camp

Virtual Tech Courses




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Course designed for campers to progress at their own pace with content that advances from basic to complex.  May be taken multiple times.

What will campers learn?

  • How to use professional photo editing software

  • Graphic design and image editing techniques

  • How to manipulate layers and filters

  • How to create GIF animations

What will campers create?

  • Transparent backgrounds

  • Silhouettes

  • Edited images

  • Memes

  • Animated GIFs

Virtual Tech Course Requirements
A fast internet connection, computer, webcam, and microphone are required to participate. Please note, a Chromebook or Netbook like device will not be sufficient.

Recommended Computer Specs: Intel Core I5 6th Gen processor | 8GB RAM | Dedicated Video Card (4GB) | 40GB Hard Drive Space | Windows 10 (Ver. 1903) or MacOS (High Sierra)