Tech Camp FAQ

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Questions not covered below in our Camp FAQ? Feel free to reach out to us at 877.248.0206 or – We’re happy to help!

A group of Emagination Tech Campers taking a selfie

Q. How is Emagination different than other tech camps?

A. For starters, we are so much more than a tech camp! To fulfill our mission to Educate, Entertain and Help Develop Healthy Kids and Teens, we blend technology learning with fun summer camp activities to create a well-rounded program. Although tech takes center stage at Emagination, we believe that recreation plays an important role in the development of healthy children, which is why recreation and traditional camp activities are core to the camp program.


We understand that each camper has their own unique interests and goals which is why we offer so much variety. For each session, campers customize their experience by choosing 2-4 tech courses (depending on session length) out of our 25 STEM based courses to participate in. Each camper gets a personalized schedule.


Instead of online tutorials that are used at many tech camps, we use professionally developed curriculums that are delivered face-to-face by carefully selected Technology Counselors who have firsthand experience with the material they are teaching. We believe our hands-on courses foster more engaged learning and encourage relationships with counselors and peers.

Q. Do I have to pay when I register?

A. A minimum deposit of $250 per session is due when you register, and the remaining balance is due by May 15th. Tuition for Early Bird and Winter Special registrants is due in full by the last day in February. Registrations made after May 15th require payment in full. Workshop requests are also required at the time of registration for campers attending our Tech Camp Program.

Q. What if my camper chooses a course that is not a good fit?

A. If a course isn’t a good fit, it’s no problem — we offer the flexibility of making schedule changes during the first three days of tech camp.

Q. Does Emagination provide the computers and do you use PCs or MACs?

A. Computers for workshops are provided by Emagination. We use PC’s for all tech courses. There is one computer per camper in all workshops.

Q. May campers bring electronics (computer, cell phone, tablet…etc.) from home?

A. Yes. Digital devices may be brought but they may not be used during instruction time in workshops. Many overnight campers do choose to bring their computers to use in the dorms at night, however it is not required. Emagination Tech Camps is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items brought to camp.

Q. Who are your staff?

A. Emagination staff are college students, recent graduates and teachers who have strong technology skills and experience with children. In addition to our Technology Counselors, each location has a leadership team including Director, Assistant Director, and Program Coordinator. Our average staff /camper ratio is 1:7.


All staff go through a rigorous hiring processing including pre-employment application, interviews, reference checks and background checks. They receive in-person pre-camp training in teaching skills, child safety and behavior, team building, policies and procedures, and more.

Q. What is the housing like? How are roommates chosen and can my camper request a roommate?

A. Overnight campers and staff live in college dorms with Wi-Fi, lounges to hang out in, and video games to play. Campers are paired with a roommate the same age and gender. If you know who you want as a roommate, you can make the request during registration or email us. As long as both friends want to room with each other it’s no problem.

Q. What are meals like and can you accommodate allergies?

A. Buffet style meals served in the school cafeteria keep the brain and body in peak shape to learn and have fun. The choices are many—salad & pasta bars, burgers, fries, chicken, soups & sandwiches and don’t forget desserts! Vegetarian meals are also available and other special dietary restrictions and needs can often be accommodated. Tell us about your special dietary needs by email at or call 877.248.0206.

Q. What happens on the weekends?

A. The weekend in the middle of our two-week session is full of fun and games, plus relaxation time. There is no course instruction on the weekends. Super Saturday: Day campers are invited to join Overnight campers for a day and night of fun activities – outdoor activities (including a slip n slide!) console and PC gaming tournaments, a BBQ for dinner, and a Movie Night make this one of the favorite events at camp. Lazy Sunday: It’s much more relaxed. Campers do their laundry, hang out in the dorms, and can take part in Tech Olympics where they team up and compete in programming, Minecraft, Photoshop, and video game design challenges.

For our multi-session overnight campers, the Saturday in between sessions includes an off-campus trip for a little change of scenery and some fun outside of camp.

Q. We registered our camper and the dates no longer work for us – Can we switch to a different session?

A. We understand that you may not have had your summer plans finalized at the time of registration and that’s no problem! Provided there is availability, sessions can be changed at no additional cost until two weeks before the session start date.

Q. Do you offer financial assistance?

A. Yes. Emagination offers two types of assistance. Details can be found on our Financial Assistance Application. Email to request an application.