Where Are the Best 2020 Coding Camps Located?

As a family-owned company that’s been around for 30-plus years now, we here at Emagination Tech Camps are super excited about the kind of experience we provide to campers each and every summer. They not only get an opportunity to get practical instruction and experience with their technology of choice, but they also get a chance to go outside and be a kid at camp – which is exactly what they are!

One of the biggest benefits to our camps is that there’s a bunch of hands-on learning and no online tutorials for anything. We want campers to express their creativity, advance their technology skills, and make some friends, along with learning how to be on their own, which helps boost their own self confidence.

Emagination Coding Camp

An offering in particular that we get a lot of interest in on an annual basis is our coding camps, which are available to children aged 13 to 17. There are both day and overnight programs available throughout the summer at each of our locations, and these camps typically last for two weeks.

Coding camps are great because they help campers learn how to code (which, we suppose is a little obvious, but still!) using one of today’s most popular computer languages: Java. Campers will learn the programming fundamentals and code in Java, which will help build for different types of applications for Windows, XML Web services, distributed components, and client server applications.

Now that you’re convinced to join one of our Emagination Coding Camp experiences this summer, it’s important to know a handful of details, like locations, dates, times, and prices, among other things. We’re proud to offer our coding camps in five different states this year, and all the pertinent details are available below.

College Campus: Fairfield University
Location: Fairfield, CT
Dates Offered: June 28th – July 10th and July 26 – August 7 (overnight). June 29 – July 10th and July 27 – August 7 (day).
Tuition: $2,995 (overnight), $1,595 (Day), $1,775 (Extended Day), or $1,895 (Full Day)

College Campus: Mercer University
Location: Atlanta, GA
Dates Offered: June 7 – June 19th and July 5th – July 17th (overnight). June 8 – June 19th and July 6th – July 17th (Day).
Tuition: $2,645 (overnight), $1,495 (Day), Extended Day ($1,695), and $1,895 (full day)

College Campus: Lake Forest College
Location: Lake Forest, IL
Dates Offered: June 14th – June 26th and July 12th – July 24th (overnight) July 13 – July 24th (Day).
Tuition: $2,995 (overnight), $1,495 (Day), $1,695 (Extended Day), $1,895 (Full Day).

College Campus: Bentley University
Location: Boston, MA
Dates Offered: June 28th – July 10th and July 26th – August 7th (overnight). June 29th – July 10th and July 27th – August 7th.
Tuition: $2,995 (overnight), $1,595 (Day), $1,775 (Extended Day), $1,895 (full day).

College Campus: Rosemont College
Location: Rosemont, PA
Dates Offered: June 28th – July 10th and July 26th – August 7th (overnight). June 29th to July 10th and July 27th – August 7th (Day).
Tuition: $2995 (overnight), $1,495 (Day), $1,695 (Extended Day), $1,895 (Full Day).

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