Meet the Recruiting Team

Randel Cassady Randel Cassady
Randle started at Emagination in 2017. He has over two decades of traditional camp and teen-home experience and brings a caring, passionate attitude to the team. Randle focuses on building relationships with colleges and other recruiters and is a large part of the recruiting and hiring process for all staff. He spends his summers as the camp director at our MA location.
Sarah Zeller Sarah Zeller
Sarah has been working with Emagination since 2011. Her background is in traditional summer camp and she brings experience in staff training and program development. Sarah oversees Emagination’s recruiting and staff training and serves as the camp director in CT.
Tom Riley Tom Riley
Tom serves as SVP and Emagination’s Chief Technology Officer and has been with the company since 1990. He oversees all of Emagination’s Network staff each summer and makes sure the magic happens!
Allison Fitzgerald Allison Fitzgerald
Allison is Emagination’s SVP of Operations and oversees all 5 camp locations during the summer. She has been with Emagination since her first summer as a counselor in 1998. Allison travels to each camp location as needed over the summer.
Paula Woodfill Paula Woodfill
Paula is Emagination’s VP of Client Service and Administration. She joined the team in 2013 and spends her summers in our corporate office, communicating with all of our families, as well as supporting the staff at all 5 of our locations.